Monday, October 19, 2009

The Weekend Report

Nothing like a brilliant and fun filled weekend to get you out of a funk. Seemed we crammed in as many outdoor and social outings as we could manage the past couple of days. With the fall colours in full splendor here throughout the canyons, and warm enough temperatures that you could practically be in shorts, it was great to frolic in the leaves with friends and go pumpkin hunting. 

Robin was participating in a visiting artist workshop all day Friday and Saturday but we were able to sneak him away for a couple hours in the afternoons to enjoy the weather together. Two of the closest canyons to our place are ablaze with hues of red, orange and yellow. 

We also attempted to find ourselves a real pumpkin, and drove out to the same orchard and pumpkin patch that we picked our winner from last year. But sadly all that remained were soft and starting to go off. We've got another lead on where to get a good one and hopefully that lead turns out or we'll have to settle for our artistic renditions...

George McCauley , was the visiting artist, down from Helena MT to share some insight and offer up some demos to the clay students. George left a great impression on several of the students, many of them happy to have given up their weekend for the extracurricular workshop. I got the chance to meet and visit with George at a potluck at John Neely's place on the Friday night and then again at Dan's place Saturday night. 
Thankfully our friends Donna and Trevor offered to watch the kids the first night, so we didn't wear them entirely out both nights in a row.  

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Love your blog! Big hello to all from your family in Edmonton.