Sunday, September 28, 2008

We found fall!

Okay so maybe I exaggerated a little bit when I commented on the signs of fall being all superficial. Today we took a drive south on highway 165 through the winding countryside into yet another canyon of the Wasatch mountain range. We ended up at the Porcupine Dam, about 20 miles south east of Logan. And there we found FALL! 

It was absolutely stunning. Every shade of red, yellow and orange imaginable filled the canyon bottom. Higher up the grass is browned and bare patches of scrub typical of this region litter the mountaintops. We drove up to the dam for a landscape view and then headed back down to the meandering creek to see if we could find a walking trail. 

Our original intent was to drive out there to see the salmon spawning farther up from the dam, but the road beyond the dam head looked sketchy for our low riding VW, and we already lost the bellypan from under the car when we went out to Bear Lake.  So instead we poked around the creek on the output side of the massive dam wall. 

On the drive back we stopped in at a U-Pick Orchard. The owner was there with his son picking apples, spent some time telling us about the place and his story about how it came to be. He was originally from up state NY and moved out here to Logan to go to USU, and never left. The orchard is mostly apples, all sorts of varieties, and they also make jams, spreads, cider etc... They have a massive pumpkin patch that you can pick your own for $2! Pretty good deal I'd say. So we spent about 45 minutes mucking around the patch, riding in the wagon and scoping out the best looking pumpkin we could find. 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

That is an AWESOME pumpkin!

gladventurer said...

Ditto on the pumpkin comment.

Sure looks likea lot of PIE