Thursday, October 15, 2009

A ray of Sunshine

Today is a better day. The kids seem well rested and happy, it's a warm and beautiful fall day and I'm stoked to have my first USU interview ready to post. Fellow grad student Sunshine Cobb is in her final year of her MFA here at USU, so we got to know her last year and we're thrilled she's going to be around for this one too! Besides having an obsession with clay akin to Robin's, she's also been a great knitting partner and pal for me. And the kids love her to bits.  

Thanks for being the first interviewee Sunshine!

Sunshine Cobb is a third year graduate student in the ceramics dept at USU. Hailing from California, she mostly misses lemons and long walks on the beach with her pina colada road soda. Sunshine is her real name and she moved to Utah in August of 2007 to pursue an MFA in clay. Since moving to Logan, she has developed a love for long winters and a recent passion for printmaking. She also likes goats and hip hop music. Here's a bit more, in her words......

Why clay? 
I think it's a really useful medium. I like that it offers an accessibility to making functional objects that fit into people lives. I feel that through clay, my creative energy is channelled appropriately, in a non-ego driven way that can have a voice and make an impact.  

Where do you fit on the scale?(Clay Obsessionscale)
I'm a #10, for sure. 

Why USU? 
It's potter friendly. When I visited the program before being accepted I could see that the ceramic community here is really great. 

What do you consider your schtick?
Functional pots. My aim is to become the world's best potter.  

What are you making right now?
Basins. Apparently calling them bowls, isn't good enough. 

Inspired by?
architecture, urban decay, rusty cars and peeling paint, landscape

What's next?
incorporating more old time craft into my vessels, like wire handles. 

Why goats?
They are kind of naughty, they have square pupils and have such inquisitive faces. 

This photo would brighten anyone's day, eh? 


gladventurer said...

Love the new The Potter's Wife header. You are all eyes.

Nice interview.

Great goat too!

The Unknown Potter said...

I also love goats-and am enjoying your blog once again Eden.The new picture header really sums up THE POTTERS WIFE- a mug in hand...stoking your own belly-kiln with coffee... tea perhaps.
I came across an old Contact magazine article about Stephen Cooke- with pictures of his kiln , which is now trasmigrated into your guys's one in slocan,
take care

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Great interview.

Love the new header too! Now I get to see you every day!

Miss you,

Diego said...

Huge fan of Sunshine Cobb. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous bowls! Found your blog looking up Sunshine, sweet blog. :)
take care,