Tuesday, October 20, 2009

International Wives Club

Today I stepped up to a podium to give a 15 minute presentation on my home and native land, flashbacking to grade three Social Studies as I rattled off the names and capital cities of each province to a group of 20 or so women from all over the world. I hardly consider myself the targeted demographic for this group I was recently invited to join - the USU International Wives Club -  but was highly encouraged to attend by the organizers, and curious to say the least. I was intrigued to get the initial invitation about a month ago to come out to their meet and greet, which I did and thoroughly enjoyed. 

I have met women from Sudan, Iran, Korea, Nepal, Sri Lanka, India and Ghana, just to name a few. All of these women have come with their husbands, some with children, and are tied into the university to study or teach. The weekly gathering offers childcare and an opportunity to network with other women, but primarily has been organized to help these women learn english. 

Although I sometimes feel slightly impostor-like at these meetings, they all seem to have accepted me for whatever international flavor I have to offer and today was no exception, as they had several questions for me about population, weather and unique Canadian cultural traditions. 

What I have been most impressed with is the level of education and breadth of experience each of these women have, many of them putting their own career goals on hold while their husbands are here to further theirs. I find myself cheering them on, for their supportive role, and I admire their courage because it far outweighs mine. I haven't met any other Potter's wives, but there are several Engineer's wives, Scientist's wives and even an Agronomist's wife! 

Go Wives Go!


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Wow - this sounds like a cool group to join! Way to go, promoting Canada!!

Julie MacMillan said...

ooo that sounds neato! Will likely be a fantastic place to network with many a fascinating conversations! So happy for you!~ julie

Designer, Seamstress and Gardener, Elsje Boer said...

NEVER underestimate yourself, Eden! You are a bright star!