Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Quarantined but with friends...

I forgot to mention one very important thing in my most recent post. My new friend Kate is a keeper. As mentioned previously in the Dating Scene post, Kate has been so welcoming and friendly since we've arrived. But today she made a friend for life when she brought over homemade pumpkin thai soup and freshly baked bread for our sick little family, all so that I didn't have to cook. Thank you Kate, you made my misery disappear today, at least for the dinner hour. Many, many thanks. I think I'll go blow my nose now. 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Sorry to hear you're all feeling so miserable. Glad to hear that someone's looking out for you down there!

gladventurer said...

Get out the vicks vapor rub.
As much as I hated it when my mother slathered it on my face, especially the sinus areas ( forehead and cheeks below the eyes) it truely does work.

Angels come in all forms , sounds like Kate is one of them. Lucky you.