Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Now we're all sick. Not Robin, but the kids and I are all suffering from sneezy, stuffy, nighttime and daytime misery. Robin has likely escaped this wretched cold because he's been so busy at school. 

The last few days have been more or less the same: Wake up, blow nose, wipe Roscoe's nose, make coffee, blow nose, wipe Isla's nose, make breakfast, blow nose, wash hands, eat breakfast with the kids, blow nose, wipe Rosoce's nose, wash dishes, wipe Isla's nose, watch kids playing in the front room, blow nose, put Rosoce down for nap after his nose has been wiped, entertain Isla, wipe Isla's nose, make lunch, blow nose, wash hands, eat lunch, put Isla down for nap after he nose has been wiped, entertain Roscoe, wipe Roscoe's nose, make supper, blow nose, wash hands, eat supper, put kids to bed after wiping their noses, blow nose, go to bed. 

Anyways, if you get my drift, we haven't been feeling well the three of us, and certainly have not been inspired to blog about anything other than our misery, so there you have it. Let's hope for a better day tomorrow. 

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