Thursday, September 25, 2008


With all this sitting around at home being sick, Isla and I have been having some great conversations. Her language is really quite exceptional, I sometimes forget that she is not even three yet when she includes words like "otherwise" and "certainly" in her daily vocabulary. 

These days especially it seems she is like a sponge, absorbing new words and gestures everyday. And of course the never ending question WHY follows most of anything that we happen to be talking about.  

Here are a few Isla-isms of lately:

1. Our friend Treasure
We've been seeing lots of our friends Donna and Trevor, for dinners and at the studio of course when we swing by to see Daddy at school. Isla dubbed Trevor, Treasure. It was so endearing that we have all started calling him Treasure and now Isla corrects us that we are saying his name wrong. 

2. Right now I appear to be the apple of my daughter's eye. I remind myself to lap this affection up because I can tell that she is 2 and 1/2 going on 16 already and soon enough she won't want to be seen with me. But for now, she wants to do and wear all the same things as I. In particular, for some reason, she is adamant about wearing the same colour panties that I am wearing and if she discovers that the colour is not the same she immediately goes and changes her underwear.  Good thing for me I have several pairs of pink panties (not just black - they don't make toddler underwear in black as far as I know). Anyways, this morning when she was getting dressed and inquired what colour WE'D be wearing today, I answered "Blue underwear today Belle". She was quick to correct me and replied "we wear panties, not underwear Mom, underwear is for boys." 
3. Isla has caught on to how using her words can get her things in life, as opposed to whining of course. We strongly encourage a pleasant tone of voice in our home, which in turn Isla has figured out how to use her tone of voice to her advantage. It becomes quite hilarious when she's requested something, such as a popsicle, and has been told no, to which she replies in a very sweet voice, "It's okay mommy, I can have another popsicle, don't worry, it's okay." 

4. The Moniker
Isla has a plastic harmonica that has become almost as valuable in her eyes as her doll Maggie. She calls her harmonica, her Moniker. The Moniker comes with us on walks, to the park, in the stroller, in the car and she always has it at bedtime - although she's been given strict orders not to play the Moniker when Roscoe is asleep. We've been reading the Winnie the Pooh Storybook collection this week and last night instead of reading one of the stories I found myself explaining that yes Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Rabbit could all play the harmonica because they had mouths but not Owl because Owl has a beak and he wouldn't be able to get his beak around the airvents to play it properly. I wonder when she'll ask if real bears, tigers, pigs and rabbits can actually play musical instruments since she already knows that birds can't.  


gladventurer said...

Fabulous blog today, love every minute as I viualise the two of you discussing your panty selection for the day !

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Schmoo clarified for me today that girls have bums and boys have butts! It's important to be clear about these things.