Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Dating Scene

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would be dating again. No need for alarm, I haven't left my husband due to his long hours spent in the studio and rare presence in our home. Rather, I'm in search of friends, for both me and my kids. 

It was pointed out to me today by my newest friend Kate, that making friends in a new place is really a lot like dating. First, there is the initial introductions, where you meet, partake in some small talk and perhaps leave with a favorable impression that this might be someone you'd enjoy hanging out with more, or not. Then of course there is the "first date" whereby one of you have to take the initiative to set up some kind of activity or event to get together. With kids, thankfully, this isn't difficult at all, in fact - they are the reason for getting together, lest you would surely go crazy in your home.  Of course it takes time to get to know someone and develop a true friendship and bond, but you can usually tell right away whether you have a connection with someone right from the get go. 

Where it gets complicated for us mothers of small children, is whether the kids get along. Regardless if you've just met your newest BFF, spent the last hour chatting nonstop and realized you hadn't thought about your children or their whereabouts for at least 1/2 that amount of time - if your kids don't get along, the relationship is bound to bust. 

Kate and I went on a "date" today to the local little zoo here in Logan. It was a splendid way to
spend a couple hours between designated nap times. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the zoo offered some new sights to take in for Isla, Roscoe and I.  It's a modest little zoo, mostly birds, but they do have a bobcat, a couple of coyote and fox, some pronghorn antelope and the latest addition this summer has been a couple of monkeys. The gate admission is $1, by an honor system of dropping some change into a lockbox at the gate. The area is fully enclosed, so the kids can run all about on the neatly mowed grassy areas, and next door to the zoo is a playground - which never fails if Isla's attention strays. 

My impression is that Kate and I are quite compatible. She has two children, Finnegan (4 yrs) and Maggie (8 months). Seeing that our kids are almost exactly the same ages, means we have tons to talk about. Kate and her husband Mike also lived in Vancouver for a year not that long ago while Mike taught at UBC, so they have some insight into all that is Canadiana. 

Kate has been so welcoming since the day we first met a few weeks back. She's hooked me up with all sorts of family friendly things to do in and around Logan, baked us muffins and soup, we've even exchanged cookbooks already. I think it may be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Isla and Finnegan are still warming up to one another, seemingly more aware of their gender differences when there are other kids around, but happy to run and jump on couches together when it is just the two of them. As for Roscoe and Maggie, well, they make a cute little couple already. 


Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Glad to hear you had a successful first date. I hope the tylenol kicked in to relieve you later on.

kmfm said...

awe Eden...our first date! I was just going back to check out your first Logan blog post and got sort of wrapped up in reading the...that and I am procrastinating making dinner. I am beyond glad we met so early in your Logan venture! and glad our first date turned into many more! now it seems we will have to do some online dating ;)

kmfm said...