Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow, snow, go away

Robin rides his bike to and from the studio several times a day, and has done so all winter long. Even on the coldest mornings in January this year, he would bundle up and we'd watch from the window as he'd clear off any fallen snow and swing his leg over his cruiser and take off down the street. 

I shouldn't be surprised that my son is anxious and eager to get back on his bike. In fact, I'm surprised I have been able to keep him from hauling it out of the shed up until this point in the year. And with April just a few days away, I'd hoped we'd be riding muddy trails by now, but unfortunately winter continues to prevail.  Although in the last few weeks, the intensity of the sun has dared us out a couple times. 

C'mon spring.....we're ready for you. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Our pal Adam Field is the mastermind behind this fun event happening at the NCECA conference in Houston next week. 

Robin is participating as one of the artists. @robindupontpottery He is over at the studio unloading a kiln full of hot pots as I type this. One of those pots will be hidden somewhere in Houston next week, keep your eyes peeled and your filters ready if you are going to play. Finders keepers!

HIDE'N'SEEKAH will be hiding 36 pieces of pottery in Houston, TX during this year's NCECA conference. Clues to find each artist's work will be posted on their own personal Instagram feed (which is why you have to follow all 36 of them and not just the HIDE'N'SEEKAH). Not on Instagram? No better time to start! Finders Keepers! HIDE'N'SEEKAH is NOT an official NCECA event!!! Images in the poster do not necessarily represent the pieces to be hidden. @hidenseekah

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Our week of hosting both new friends and old in our Winnipeg digs went by in a flash. And I shouldn't be surprised that the kids loved every minute of having someone new around to tell jokes to, put on their acts and ask a million questions of.

And I admit, I fully enjoyed having more reason to bake a few extra treats, and the social delight of getting to know Ayumi Horie and catching up with Brendan Tang while they were our house guests.

The early part of the week was a little quieter as Isla was not quite herself and feeling under the weather. But she perked up in time for a trip to the zoo to see the white buffalo with our first guest, Ayumi. 

It makes me proud that I can take my kids to an artist talk or a demo and know that their world is being shaped and influenced by all the amazing people we traipse through their lives. When I think of all the places we have lived and visited in even just the short span of their young lives, it is an outstanding community to belong to.

I'm equally as grateful to know that my children are consistently surrounded by a creative community full of inspiring people that are simply doing what they love to do.

Monday, March 4, 2013

House Guests

Looking forward to this week full of visitors. Our first guest Ayumi Horie arrives tonight in a snowstorm. Welcome to Winterpeg Ayumi! 
And then on Wednesday, our pal Brendan Tang arrives! The Ceramics club at the University is bringing both artists to the University for a week of workshops, lectures and demos. 

We're excited to have them staying with us at chalet 'DuPont'!

Friday, March 1, 2013

That's the spirit!

Although not sad to have February over, looking back on what seemed like an exceptionally long month, we sure had some fun winter experiences here in Winnipeg. I have to applaud the way winter is embraced by Manitobans, they certainly don't hide out in their homes even when it is -30.

The much talked about Festival du Voyageur opened us up to the historical French-Canadian culture. Each february, the official festival kicks off a 10 day celebration that focuses on the important history and joie de vivre of the early fur traders who established the Red River Colony.

With an emphasis on the beauty of winter, the festival celebrations extend beyond the Voyageur Park, and there are things scheduled and events occurring all over the city, or the province for that matter.

We made sure we didn't miss the magnificent snow sculptures and famous ice slide and the kids took a voyageur apprentice workshop from the interpreters at the historical Fort Gibraltar site.