Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Our week of hosting both new friends and old in our Winnipeg digs went by in a flash. And I shouldn't be surprised that the kids loved every minute of having someone new around to tell jokes to, put on their acts and ask a million questions of.

And I admit, I fully enjoyed having more reason to bake a few extra treats, and the social delight of getting to know Ayumi Horie and catching up with Brendan Tang while they were our house guests.

The early part of the week was a little quieter as Isla was not quite herself and feeling under the weather. But she perked up in time for a trip to the zoo to see the white buffalo with our first guest, Ayumi. 

It makes me proud that I can take my kids to an artist talk or a demo and know that their world is being shaped and influenced by all the amazing people we traipse through their lives. When I think of all the places we have lived and visited in even just the short span of their young lives, it is an outstanding community to belong to.

I'm equally as grateful to know that my children are consistently surrounded by a creative community full of inspiring people that are simply doing what they love to do.