Thursday, March 14, 2013


Our pal Adam Field is the mastermind behind this fun event happening at the NCECA conference in Houston next week. 

Robin is participating as one of the artists. @robindupontpottery He is over at the studio unloading a kiln full of hot pots as I type this. One of those pots will be hidden somewhere in Houston next week, keep your eyes peeled and your filters ready if you are going to play. Finders keepers!

HIDE'N'SEEKAH will be hiding 36 pieces of pottery in Houston, TX during this year's NCECA conference. Clues to find each artist's work will be posted on their own personal Instagram feed (which is why you have to follow all 36 of them and not just the HIDE'N'SEEKAH). Not on Instagram? No better time to start! Finders Keepers! HIDE'N'SEEKAH is NOT an official NCECA event!!! Images in the poster do not necessarily represent the pieces to be hidden. @hidenseekah

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