Friday, March 1, 2013

That's the spirit!

Although not sad to have February over, looking back on what seemed like an exceptionally long month, we sure had some fun winter experiences here in Winnipeg. I have to applaud the way winter is embraced by Manitobans, they certainly don't hide out in their homes even when it is -30.

The much talked about Festival du Voyageur opened us up to the historical French-Canadian culture. Each february, the official festival kicks off a 10 day celebration that focuses on the important history and joie de vivre of the early fur traders who established the Red River Colony.

With an emphasis on the beauty of winter, the festival celebrations extend beyond the Voyageur Park, and there are things scheduled and events occurring all over the city, or the province for that matter.

We made sure we didn't miss the magnificent snow sculptures and famous ice slide and the kids took a voyageur apprentice workshop from the interpreters at the historical Fort Gibraltar site.  

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