Monday, January 14, 2013

Goodnight Papa

We begin 2013 with heavy hearts, having said goodbye to our much loved Papa Regan. Last month we changed our holiday plans and decided to brave the prairie roads and drive home for the holidays.

And now we are feeling so grateful for our decision and the greatest gift received this Christmas was the opportunity to tell him just how much he meant to us.

Robin's grandpa so easily became a part of our everyday lives in the valley when he moved there shortly after Isla was born.
Never one to miss a firing, a potluck or the opportunity to visit over a cup of tea, Grandpa brought wisdom and joy to every occasion.

We will be forever grateful for the invaluable role he filled and we'll honour his life by living ours the way he lived his; with compassion, with generosity and with a never ending sense of curiosity.

With so few words, he taught us so much. Goodnight Papa, sleep well.


Adam Field said...

I'm so sorry, I know he was a very special part of your lives.

gladventurer said...

With tears in our eyes, Sam and I read your blog today. You really do have a wonderful gift dear Eden. Your words are truely from the bottom of your heart.
Thank you so much for sharing in your blog what many of us feel and do not have the words to express our feelings so beautifully as you do. GL and Sam

christine pedersen said...

A lovely tribute Eden, truly a gift that you were all able to say goodbye. Much love to you all, C.