Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Face Off!

As in, Freeze your Face Off! We are a week into a true deep freeze here in the 'Peg'. The cold, cold temperatures have meant several indoor recess days for the kids, and me sprinting to my car between pick ups and drop offs.

Yesterday it warmed (slightly) and with double digit negative temperatures predicted for another week, we decided to brave an outdoor outing to get the wiggles out of our system. After school we met up with our pals down at the Forks - the heart of Winnipeg and a downtown riverside attraction. The Forks is a public venue, home to a great indoor market, various restaurants, shops and museums surrounded by kms of trails & outdoor play-spaces.

During the winter months, the bike trails and bridges are iced and several rinks are created for skating, both on the river and around the park. We stayed and played well past dusk and both the kids asked if we could come back tomorrow? To which I replied, "Of course! but let's check the temperatures first."


kmfm said...

Dear Eden, I am sorry to hear about Robin's Grandpa. I know what a treasure he was in your lives! I am glad you made it back to visit him over Christmas!

Your hockey pictures are so adorable! I love them. It is bitter cold here too. Last week we never made it to the double digits and often woke up to -15 F (without the windchill!). It's 4 F right now. burrrr....Wish you could come over for a hot drink and a long chat while the kids play...oh oh oh or better yet, you could bring one of Robin's new chocolate pots and we could test it out ;)

I miss you, friend! Stay warm.

Julie MacMillan said...

How wonderful that you got to go home for Christmas to be with Robin's Grandfather. He sounds like he was an incredible man to have had in your whole families life.

We were at the Forks when we were last in Winnipeg. So neat there. I can only imagine how much fun the kids had. Hopefully it warms up a smidge

Your Cus Julie