Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chocolate Pots

Robin is amongst a group of potters invited this month to exhibit a series of modern interpretation of the 'chocolate pot' at Red Lodge Clay Center.

Curious as to what a chocolate pot might be? The Curatorial statement from this exhibit describes "Traditionally chocolate pots were metal forms with wooden or porcelain side handles. The spout was wider to allow for a generous stream of the thick, sweet chocolate liquid....Along with a wider spout came sets of mugs will full proportions, allowing the scent and stream of the cocoa to rise, enticing our olfactory and visual senses before taste activate the palate."

Hot cocoa anyone? Check out the pots online. The show is up for this month only.


Rachel/ OAST Waldorf dolls said...

They look amazing Eden.

kmfm said...

chocolate pot?!? Now why didn't he study that form when he was in Utah?!? I think that should be required at Utah State ;)