Saturday, November 3, 2012

What a treat!

Family traditions don't always play out exactly as expected or remembered from our own childhoods, but there is something about the anticipation and preparation that reminds me why it is important to create them for my children.

However harebrained the thought of sending your kids running up to strangers homes in want of bags and bags of candy.....!?!....I admit I willingly participate in the fun of it all.

I love seeing my kids get into the thrill of dreaming up and becoming a character, planning the costume details and stepping into that role. And their creative little brains and fingers working hard at wall decorations, pumpkin carving and even in the kitchen.

And however absurd it is to see them sitting atop a mountain of candy at the end of the night, it delighted me to see their goofy grins and willingness to share with each other and their parents, as I fondly remembered the game of candy trade and barter from my own trick or treating days with my own siblings.

Now a few days later, they've nearly all but forgotten about the massive bag of candy and we're getting ready for the next holiday celebrations.