Monday, October 22, 2012

The Leaf Lady

Grandma Lady picked the best time to come and visit us in Winnipeg. Raking season! Known for her rake handling skills, we put all our neighbors to shame and collected nearly 50 bags of leaves from our front and back yard.

I have to admit, I likely would have not gone quite to the extent that GLady insisted - she left no leaf behind, even extending her trip another day to finish the job right!

Besides the yard work, we of course showed off our new location and checked out a few new venues and sights while we was here.

We went antique hunting, took in a couple of museum visits, shopping trips and other outdoor excursions. But we all agreed our favourite outing was to the gelato store. We loved it so much we went twice!

We were sad to see her leave after such a great week together.  It was great to welcome her as our first visitor and we are so grateful for her trip east to help us out. Safe travels home Grandma Lady, the gelato is so good here, maybe you'll come again???


Julie MacMillan said...

Looks like a fabulous yard for the kids! I am truly going to call...just having a hard time getting to the phone before 9 my time and well that would mean 11 yours...just got my van and stuff sorted....seriously going to try calling this week...not sure whats a good time for you but I'll just try! TTYS Love all the pics Cousin Juels!

kmfm said...

you traded lots of picking up apples for leaves. WOW that was a lot of leaves! Glad your Mom was there!