Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Twirl on Belle, Twirl on

I don't remember being seven. I can say though with some degree of certainty that as a seven year old I likely crimped my hair, collected jelly bracelets, yearned to be some version of the 'Material Girl', and still played with my cabbage patch doll.

And now my daughter is seven. She has already figured out her own 'style', speaks with authority and confidence in all things concerning her little brother, and takes on each day systematically and with intention.

Although, I do relish in the fact that she still believes in fairies, adores her doll 'Maggie', randomly and often breaks into song and dance - twirling herself around the living room and is able to so earnestly and truthfully express herself in whatever emotion she may be feeling at any moment.

She is the sunshine in my day and I cherish her old soul. Happy Birthday Belle. Twirl on!

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