Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Winter Wallop that Wasn't, then Was

Winter has arrived in Winnipeg! All the hype that has been building since even last spring when we made the decision to spend a winter in the 'Peg'! I feel like I have been preparing for the arrival of the first snow for months! 

Friday evening I joined the masses of Winnipegers in the grocery lines, picking up supplies in anticipation of not wanting to leave the house this weekend. Transit shut downs, slow plowing services,   stores remaining closed.....this is what the news reported would happen. We went to bed that night expecting the worst  and woke up to......1 cm? 

Life seemed to continue on as normal, all that fear mongering for nothing. The winter wallop they promised did arrive though, only a day late!

What can happen overnight!

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kmfm said...

oh how I love those morning surprises! Remember when you and Isla made those snowflakes each day it snowed for your front window...oh how I miss you guys!!