Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sleeping on the job

Robin and a group of his students and colleagues fired the train kiln this weekend. Endearingly called the 'fatboy', this kiln was rebuilt in 2010, but this weekend's firing marked only it's second firing since the rebuild.

With my mom in town for a Grandma Lady visit, I was able to sneak over to join the midnight crew for a couple of stokes. And this is how I caught the potter- sleeping on the job!

Hard work, but somebody has to do it.


Adam Field said...


Julie MacMillan said...

Hey Hey...your cus here. I was so going to call you this week but by the time I get the kids sorted for bed its pretty late on your end. So once I get my poop in a group back home I'll be sure to give you a jingle....looking forward to a chat! :D O and we had a great week in Edmonton :D

bfree clay said...

i've been caught like that before.. haha. I had to explain i was just resting my eye lids and wasn't really sleeping... i'm sure that's what robin is doin too. wink.