Monday, September 17, 2012

Muddy Waters

This past weekend we made our first trek outside the city limits and ventured north to check out the big lake! I did a little research and learned that Lake Winnipeg, and the city for that matter, was named after the Cree language word: wīnipēk, meaning "muddy waters".

Although the term doesn't do it justice, because what we found was a fantastic picnic spot on a white pebbly beach that stretched for miles out of sight in both directions overlooking the expansive body of water. The water looked a little chilly, but certainly not muddy.

On the suggestion of our new friends, Chris and Jennie - we spent the afternoon in the picturesque town of 'Gimli', about an hour drive north of the city. Gimli is an icelandic settlement, that still boasts to have the largest Icelandic population off the island itself.

Different from the 'lake culture' we are familiar with back in BC, it will be great to explore the cottage country and walk along a few piers this year. I quickly realized that the sailboats, floating buoys and fishing shanties is all new for my kids. They loved it!


kmfm said...

how nice you are so close to water! I hope you are all settling in!

I gave you a ring a few weeks ago, but am thinking you may have already been on the road...what is the best number to reach you? What is our difference in time?

We met the new family that moved into your Logan house...they seem very nice and have a little boy named Will. Apparently there are lots of apples in the backyard this year :)

miss you!

christine pedersen said...

Hi Eden,

Great to hear you have all landed safely, and I am really looking forward to a year of vicariously getting to know the 'Peg through all your adventures! Love to you all - and please can I also beg an email with address/phone number where we can get you? Thanks,

Christine xx