Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing Tourists

One of the perks of moving around is all the new adventures and places to discover. This weekend was chock-a-block full of new sights, and sounds, and smells for that matter. Instead of the anticipated start of swimming lessons, we got a call saying that they had been cancelled which was first met with tears and disappointment. To which I responded....well what should we do instead?

So we pulled out our list of must do's and hit the town. The kids and I headed across town to Assiniboine Park and found a fantastic Seuss-like world of playground equipment and garden creatures.  Sunday we took in the family fall festival at Fort Whyte Alive  which is an natural habitat and outdoor interpretive park with floating boardwalks and plenty  of resident Canada geese, to which Roscoe was totally enthralled with.

I'm getting the feeling that Winnipegers really know how to spend time outdoors!

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