Monday, September 10, 2012

Location, location, location

It shouldn't surprise me that since we are on our third 're-location' in recent years, that we have learned something along the way. Moving from one place to one less familiar also means gambling a bit in terms of where and what neighborhood is ideal.

I am quickly learning that there are some really fantastic communities amidst this seemingly vast city. You'd think I'd have been more proactive and have hit the net before we chose where we should live, but really with only one condition in mind, there wasn't much to do but wait for the right rental to come along.

And miraculously it did. Our one condition being that it had to be close to the university, seemed odd to some - with so many more desirable and interesting communities to choose from a little farther out. But as we learned from our graduate school experience in Utah, being close to home means we get to see more of Robin.

With the help of a fellow faculty here at the University, we scored a perfect rental. Close enough to skateboard to the studio and still sleep in and not be late for class.

Most of my 'web research on the Winnipeg has come post-move, and I happened upon this site recently which will be fun to scour for fun neighborhoods to explore - for things other than rentals.


David said...

Good things happen to good people:) I am sure you can and will enjoy your new home. As I sit in my house of eight years and not going anywere fast. Always an adventure.

Jessica said...

Funny you linked to that site, my girlfriend Lenore Hume wrote that. She also has a blog called Lather, write, repeat...hope you're doing well. Jess

Adam Field said...

Glad you guys landed in a good spot! I think Robing must love that t-shirt, I seem to see him in it a lot :D (like I'm one to talk)