Thursday, July 7, 2011

July Sun and Ever Mae!

Today was a hot and sunny, summer day. A perfect excuse to throw down the shovel and head to the river.

Our friends Trevor and Donna from Logan, arrived on Monday for a week long visit. Their visit followed right on the heels of some more terrific friends from our Utah days - Sunshine and Alix who came out the previous week for a little Canadian adventuring. Funny to think that Utah was what brought us all together, and we have all moved on or are in the process of moving since that time and place.

We sent Sunshine and Alix out on their own Lewis and Clark expedition on the Slocan River, which they seemed to fare reasonably well. But today we couldn't resist the lure of the cool waters ourselves and decided to take the day off and join Trevor and Donna on the water.

We were four in each boat. Our two kidlets armed with their own paddle each. Their two kidlets (still in utero) likely won't remember their first canoe ride, or their first trip to Canada for that matter. But we're hoping they'll make it back again some day.

Speaking of in more... Ever Mae DuPont broke free into the world this summery, sunny day in the wee early morning hours. We welcome her into our extended family and a big hug and congratulations go out to Uncle Jai and Auntie Kelsey and big brother Jake:) xo

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