Sunday, July 3, 2011

Are you my Mother?

We've had our very own resident 'SNORT' the last couple of days, and like a bunch of baby birds we've sat up in the forest watching it tear up the landscape around our place. This major excavation project has been long awaited and eagerly anticipated, as it now means that we can move along with other projects (like kiln building), now that several feet of dirt has been moved out of the way.

Not unlike a spectator sport, it was fascinating to watch our neighbour move and maneuver the machine around. The extra space it has created on our property will be well put to use, even if it takes us several years to get to some of the projects we have in mind. In the meantime, we've got ample parking now and lots of room for my baby birds to build a couple of bike jumps. (But not before the first arm cast comes off, of course).

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