Sunday, July 10, 2011

Back to Shovelling!

Weekend? What weekend? We said our farewells to Trevor and Donna on Saturday morning after a great week of visiting and socializing. Then it was back to work for us.

Isla I fear has become acclimatized to the party lifestyle and immediately inquired who would be arriving later that day? I had to break it to her that there would be a lull in the visitor logbook, and that she ought to find some kind of company with her brother for the next couple weeks. Not much of an ask, as the two of them are happiest together, most of the time anyways.

Now taking up a sizeable portion of our newly acquired flat land is several large piles of material. Sand, road crush and now tilled earth - since we dug a 4 foot deep trench out to the new kiln pad. It'll be a while yet before we get the property looking good enough for the August show and sale, so we better get to work.


bfree clay said...

pics of the kiln pad?? what have you guys built already?

gladventurer said...

Looking good can hardly wait to come out for a visit!