Thursday, June 23, 2011

Broken Belle

This darling photo was taken just a few short hours before Isla slipped on a trail and most unfortunately broke her elbow on Tuesday evening! Summer solstice this year turned out to be more eventful than we bargained for with a trip to the emergency room.

With hugs and assurances from her daddy that the 'worst of it was over' and an affinity with her mommy for having had her own broken bone story at age 5, she's been properly briefed and prepped to be showered with attention for the next month - all for the cost of no swimming!

With a trip to DQ after the hospital and a new set of markers for cast decorating, she doesn't seem too phased about it!

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kmfm said...

oh no!!!! Poor Isla! How long will she have the cast on? How is she feeling today? She really is such a good sport! I hope she heals quickly! I wish I could drop by and give her some cookies and a movie! hugs from Utah