Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stump and puddle jumpers

We've had enough rain in the past week to wash away the snow cover on the forest floor and to expose our road. And although the dirty snow remaining holds fast to pockets along the ditches, we're simply ignoring its stubbornness and spending a whole lot of time outdoors these days.

Everywhere you look its 'sticky green' around our place, from the forest canopy to the mossy carpet. With the kids determined to make the most of the longer hours of daylight, they've tossed their toys aside for building forts and riding bikes. Its a delight to watch them at this age, thinking back to when we moved away when one was toddling, the other still swaddled. We've arrived at the age of climbing trees and building bike jumps.

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kmfm said...

yeah for Spring and muddy kids :)