Saturday, April 9, 2011

Talking pots

'Talking Pots' - a potter's favorite pastime for sure. Cam and Robin have been talking pots for over two solid weeks now and are still going strong. Over breakfast they might talk about clay bodies or sought after mixing/pugging equipment, over lunch hour the topic of conversation typically turns to kiln design and wood and brick sources and finally around the dinner table it inevitably surrounds the fusion of food and pottery.

Interestingly enough I comprehend what they are talking about for the most part, even have been known to interject on the odd occasion. It no longer surprises me how ceramics can integrate into someone's life so completely and I find it wonderful to obverse two friends that can share their stories and enthusiasm for the medium.

Cam's purpose for coming out west was to kick start a project that he was awarded a grant for to explore, find some mentorship and create dialogue about the various approaches, techniques and firing methods associated with wood firing. All the 'pot talk' going on around here has got him geared up and excited about going home in a couple of days where he'll hit the ground running with a firing already booked for a week later. Coincidentally, Robin has reciprocally benefitted from the dialogue and energy in the studio, especially at this cross roads of having just finished graduate school and is confronted with what to do next?

And as delighted Isla was to give up her room for Cam while he has been here, I've been equally happy to share my husband with such a terrific and gracious a friend as Cam these last couple weeks. It has been terrific having Cam stay with us; helpful and courteous around the house, willing and keen to hang out with the kids and a superstar in the kitchen, all around it's been a fabulous experience for all parties involved.


gladventurer said...

Nothing beats sharing a friendship and a passion .

kmfm said...

how sweet! Love "isla's trail"!