Thursday, March 31, 2011

March Madness

March wouldn't be my choice of month for most optimal time to visit the Kootenays. The weather is well, unpredictable, people are typically restless and eager for spring to arrive, it's tax time which means everybody is cranky - and now an election? Sheesh!

But this month has been pleasantly full of good times and fabulous visits, which of course means great food too. This last week in particular we've been feasting particularly well since our friend Cam Fisher arrived. Not to be confused with Cam Stewart who, just to add to the confusion, came through for an overnight visit as well.

Cam Fisher is out visiting us for a three week period as part of a grant he received from the Ontario Craft Council to come out and work in the studio with Robin and talk pots.
Cam visited us last year about this time down in Utah where the idea was initiated to come out to our place here in B.C.
Since he arrived last week Cam's been cooking up an Indian storm in our kitchen and we've been Vij'in' out almost every night.

Earlier in the week some of my relatives from the far north came through our way. My cousin Rod and his wife Donna and their three kids were down for a little ski vacation and made us part of their Kootenay spring break vacation. It was terrific to be able to host them at our place as Rod is a log home builder and their place outside of Fort St. John's was a big inspiration for us.

Another great friend and potter came through last night, Bob Reimer, on his way out to the the island. Bob is a surrogate grandpa to our kids, a fantastic friend and mentor to Robin and another superstar in the kitchen. We woke up to Bob's pancakes on the griddle this morning.

We've also been lucky enough to have Nana and cousin Ryleigh visiting just down the road too at Grandpa's place! This has meant plenty of Nana time with the kids. And Ryleigh even helped out with making bread for the masses this week. With all these people cooking for me and helping out with the kids, I even had time to get my taxes done!

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grandma lady said...

Great blog Eden. Looking forward to keeping the vistor bombardment going into April. See you around the 13th.