Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Why did the pot cross the road?

To live on the other side, of course!

We have some really lovely neighbours opposite us here in Logan. Since the first day we arrived, when Marilyn showed up with a welcome basket of goodies, they have been fantastic neighbours to us. Our exchanges, however brief, are always pleasant and reciprocal, sometimes including an offering of fresh fruit or vegetables, or the gift of homemade soup or cookies.

Although, the greatest part of living across the street from Marilyn and Ed is the view. Their place is beautifully landscaped and impeccably maintained, with the added advantage of having the stunning view of the mouth of Logan canyon as a backdrop. Nearly every day I have lived in here in our little brick house, I have looked across the street and admired the view. Never once did I ever consider what the view was like from the other side of the street.

The other day Marilyn called up and inquired whether Robin would consider selling one of his large jars to them. But it was a particular jar, she was after. One that had sat on our front step for the last year at least, for which she often found herself admiring from across the street. Considering our predicament that we have several of these jars laying around, and the fact that they cannot all come home to Canada with us, we were happy to see one go off to a happy home.

P.S. There are still several orphan jars available for any other admirers.

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gladventurer said...

There is a movie called "The Magnificent Seven".
Well, against my back wall as a backdrop I admire " the magnificent nine"
..... of Robin's large pots.....

thank you Robin