Monday, December 13, 2010

Our pal P.Haas

Meet Perry Haas. Perry has been a character in our Logan lives since we arrived back in 2008. Perry is finishing up his undergraduate degree this year at USU, having come out to Utah originally from Chicago, inspired to learn as much as possible about the wood firing process. He eagerly has participated in two USU study abroad trips, to China in 2007 (Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute) and to Korea in 2009 where he extended his stay to study under ceramic artist Hun Chung Lee. And from his record here, Perry was always up for a firing, no matter who needed help filling the kiln or stoking the flames. Even this year, as he obligingly finishes all the other non-studio credits required to fulfill his BFA, he still has been an active participant around the department and even managed to create a body of work for a solo show this semester.

Last weekend we took part in a local gallery walk event around town and made sure to visit Perry's show STOKE that was showcased at one of the participating venues. It was a fun night out, and we were stoked to see such a great turnout for his show while we were there.

Perry is still not completely sure what his plans are after graduation this spring, but is looking into some residencies and perhaps some more travelling abroad opportunities. He's intent on keeping his focus on making work after graduation which I don't think will be a problem with his prolific making tendencies.

Robin will miss having Perry as a firing partner, and we hope to get him up to our neck of the woods one day perhaps for a firing or two. We wish him the best of luck and are rooting for him as he's been nominated for the a prestigious award, the Windgate Fellowship Award. Did I mention, he's also one of Roscoe's 'favwit fwends' - translation Roscoe thinks Perry is way cool!

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