Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Art of Optimism

I've been wracking my brain tonight, trying to come up with the appropriate blog post title to convey this past week. And all that came to mind were bad song lyrics 'When the going get's tough', 'Mama said they'll be days like this', 'Like a bridge over troubled water'?????? Then I realized I really must be losing it.

It's been a challenging week, needless to say. The mama has been sick with a nasty head cold for most of it which hasn't helped the situation. The kids seem crankier than usual, the skies more grey and that light at the end of the tunnel just won't appear soon enough. Perhaps some of my sourness can be explained by the 'pre-dinner' hour phenomenon.....when the kitchen is busy with preparations for supper, the house looks like a bomb hit it, the children are hungry and hanging off your leg and housewives and househusbands all over the world begin glancing at their watch wondering when oh when is my darling spouse going to arrive home?

We are so near the finish. And I am certain that we'll make it there. If only I could do something about this head cold. Cough, cough, HONK!

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gladventurer said...

poor Edie get well soon