Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gotta wear shades

Two weeks post eye surgery, and I am actually feeling pretty good. The first week I spent hidden away in dark rooms, mostly lying flat on my back at my mother in law's home. Thankfully with Robin at my bedside to keep me company, but he has since returned to Utah to put his head down and make some work. I can't imagine what those first few days post surgery would have been like without him here and am so grateful that he was able to make the trip back with us all. I was actually pretty comfortable, having prepared myself for more pain, rather it was more like discomfort and the irritance of being subject four times a day to a deluge of eye drops and ointments.

Knowing the kids were happy and in good hands with my mom, it wasn't so hard to keep my promise and rested that week, trying my best to avoid any undue eye strain. I spoke to them everyday on the phone, sometimes several times a day, and they both seem content and well settled in with Grandma Lady but I sure missed their giggles and warm little arms around my neck. After my follow up eye appointment and a happy report from the surgeon last Tuesday my brother and I made the three hour drive from Calgary out to Golden. It was certainly an enthusiastic reunion, although I think Roscoe was more interested in the load my brother was hauling in and behind his truck than the overdue cuddle from his mom.

We've been having a fairly low key week here, adjusting to me joining the routine my mom had set about creating with the kids on her own. My vision is still slightly blurred, even with my glasses and I am now into the dry eye phase, despite the continuous eye drop treatments. My eyelids are still refusing to open right up, but that is likely a strategy they've come up with on their own to keep the light out. I think I might be wearing my sunglasses for awhile anyways.

Just happy to be on the other side and on the mend!


bfree clay said...

so what yer sayin is that you can kind of see a blurry light at the end of the tunnel? woohoo!

ade said...

So glad to hear the wost is over. Happy healing..