Thursday, September 30, 2010

Cloud cover kindness

On the contrary to most people these days, I am not super stoked about the gloriously sunny autumn days we've been having this week, still being oversensitive to light since my surgery. Rather I prefer the fog and overcast weather. At least those days I can bare to be outside, and since I was starting to feel a bit couped up, I welcomed a trip this morning to the skateboard park with the kids and Grandma Lady.

I'm fast approaching week 3 of recovery and although I would say my vision has totally returned, I'm discovering it is a bit wonky with my previous glasses prescription. As I was a devout contact lens wearer prior to all this fuss, it has taken some getting used to wearing my glasses again. My vision has always been poor enough that I can't really function without, so until my eyes heal and settle enough to get a new prescription, I'll have to get by with these ones.

It's been more so the environmental factors that seem to be holding me back. I'm pretty wary of being outdoors when its bright or windy and still unable to tolerate too much rapid eye movement (reading, blogging, premier tv week watching). So what have I been doing then?????

Well there is always a silver lining to every bad situation they say. For me it has been the opportunity to see and spend time with my kids with more intention and less distraction. With Grandma Lady here to help, and my condition to just chill, I've found many hours to sit and play and just be with them. They are both incredible little unique wonders and I feel so priviledged to be their mama.

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carole epp said...

what an adorable little skater punk. elliott is obsessing about the little boy in the computer : )