Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Rockies Recovery

The little town of Golden, B.C., is literally right in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We've been here nearly a month with my mom, recovering from my eye surgery, and despite strict orders to lay about and do nothing, our days seem to fill up easily with all sorts of fun and adventure.

Now that I am seeing better each day, its been wonderful to soak up the mountainous terrain in these parts. We've taken many walks along the river, on the trails and even a bike carraige one day, appreciating the incredible colours and scenery.
With all sorts of enthusiasm and surprises up her sleeve, Grandma Lady has aptly entertained and delighted my children tenfold. There was a fabulous playhouse that arrived, by forklift no less... trips to the park, playgroups, road trips through the mountains, teaparties with real china and more.
We've even celebrated the major accomplishment of Miss Belle riding her two wheeler bike without training wheels! With the groundwork that daddy did with her earlier this summer, she caught her balance no problem the other night in the back alley and has been at it ever since. Hurray Isla,we'll always remember our stay in Golden as the place you rode your bike for the first time.

My mom was a true saint to take me and the kids in for this unexpected period in our lives. Without any hesitation she stepped up and offered to care for my kids and I, post surgery, so that Robin wouldn't have to delay his graduate studies. She has selflessly given up her entire fall practically to help potty train, make meals, insert eye drops and spoil her grandkids and daughter rotten. We are so lucky and thankful to have had this time together, realising sometimes lthe unexpected in life also brings wonderful surprises.
With much more to be thankful for, we're headed into the Thankgiving weekend and excited to spend it with cousins,aunts and uncles. Let the cousin craziness begin.......


The Potter's Wife said...

......and a happy Thanksgiving to you Eden.

The Potter's Wife said...

That was from Grandma Lady

Julie MacMillan said...

so glad to hear your on the mend there cus! enjoy being spoilt you deserve it!

kmfm said...

You are such a sweetheart Eden. Glad to hear you are doing well! I am anxious to hear about your last appointment and then hopefully see you on the South side of the boarder soon :). Say "hi" to your cute Mom for me...I hope I get to see her when she comes down. Miss you friend!