Friday, August 20, 2010

One, Two, Buckle my....

Don't I wish it were my shoes that were about to be buckled! Next Wednesday I'll be headed into surgery for both of my eyes. The procedure is called a scleral buckle, and I won't go into much detail for the sake of any squeamish readers. If you do have a burning desire to know you can visit this link.

The good news is that my chronic retinal detachment was caught early, the treatment has a high success rate and if all goes well I should be back to normal by October. I've been reading up on the best and worst scenarios for recovery, which I'll remain in Canada for, until I get the go ahead from the doctors to return to Utah to meet up with Robin. In the meantime, I may have to dictate blog postings for the next little while to my mom, who is scooping me and the kids up after the surgery for a period of time while I recover.

After we'd been to see the specialist for the initial consult, and my surgery date was scheduled, we decided to spend this last week back in the Kootenays. Our plan is to do a lot of chillaxing with the kids, and maybe get to some of those projects we nearly finished before our hasty departure last week.

Many thanks to all the emails and messages that have been coming in. I feel so grateful to be the recipient of so much support and love, both near and from far away. It helps, it truly, truly does.


gladventurer said...

WHEN did you get THOSE SHOES????

Will they fit me too!

Julie MacMillan said...

We all hope for an uneventful surgery and recovery!...LOVE YA! ((HUGS)) Julie