Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Death and Taxes

Nothing in life is certain, that's for sure. Especially day surgery! I've been bumped. I got the early morning call today that my surgery had to be postponed due to an unexpected number of emergency cases that had come in over the last week.

Apparently there are a fair few people out there with worse conditions than I, in fact they assured me that my detachment condition is fairly stable. Stable enough for me to hold off until the 13th anyways, and stable enough for me to return back to Utah with Robin for the time being.

I have to admit, this gypsy life is getting to me and with all the recent drama, I'm really in need of my own bed. Perhaps these next couple weeks will give me the extra time I need to both mentally and physically prepare for this next round of uncertainty.

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Julie MacMillan said...

Geeze Louise man you are definitely being challenged thats forsure! Remember... Mentally prepare by focusing on what you can control and not one what you can't! (sometimes a nice glass of red wine helps promote this! : D....I prefer Shiraz) LUV ya Cus Juels