Sunday, August 29, 2010

Back in the U.S of A, eh!

It's never felt sooooo good to crawl back into my own bed. After an epic week of explaining to a concerned four year old why our plans keep changing, here we are afterall back in our Utah home for some much anticipated and needed down time. It was an unbelieveable summer, really. With so many great people and places to have crossed paths with. But four months of living out of duffle bags is certainly long enough to truly appreciate the place you call home, even if it is a temporary home.

We've returned home to such a welcoming, besides the unwelcome 'CHECK ENGINE' light, upon passing through the border crossing back into the United States, our first stop was in Helena where we were treated many times over by our friends Bobby and Crista. You may remember these two characters from some of the adventures from last year, but they have moved on from the Logan life and have settled in Helena, Montana to make pots and be merry amongst so many other clay enthusiasts.

Bobby and Crista fed us, gave us a place to lay our heads and kept us up until wee hours of the night talking. It was so great to see their digs, and catch a glimpse of their post USU life together. Congrats to you both, and many thanks again for the fantastic hospitality.

We pulled into the driveway of our little brick home in Logan late Friday night, and our terrific neighbors Kate and Mike had stocked our fridge with milk, fruit and homemade soup even! Since then we've been catching up with many of our neighbors and friends at the local Gardener's Market and around the block.

With just the weekend to get settled in before some serious schooling starts, we figured we better at least have a little fun and not just do laundry. So today Robin hit the canal with our pals Trevor, Donna and Perry for a little surfing.

Tomorrow is the start of a new school year, might as well catch some waves while you can.


gladventurer said...

Welcome back to the greatest of treasures..... 'your friends'. Love the arm around Roscoe shot, I have one of those shots too.

bfree clay said...

surfing?! aw man i miss out on all the good stuff...

whiletangerinedreams said...

What a cute picture of the kids. Sorry we missed you guys while you were here! I think we were in cowtown. I'm so sorry about your diagnosis. I'll be sending lots of healing vibes your way. xoxo!

Julie MacMillan said...

Ooo what great neighbours and I can only imagine how dreamy it was to lay your head down on your own bed! Glad to hear your getting some down time. : D Cusin J