Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Full day fears

Today was Isla's first day of school. Last year she attended the USU campus preschool program, two half days per week, which has since been upgraded to a brand new facility this fall, while Isla has upgraded to two full days. Yesterday we stopped by the new building to have a quick look around and both Isla and I were most impressed with the play areas, learning tools and fantastic outdoor landscapes that have been built for the children.

We've decided that we would make good use of the free transit in Logan this semester, and Isla was most thrilled to catch a bus this morning to chauffeur us to her first day of school. I could tell she was slightly nervous about the new adventure, new building, new people, full day, but left her feeling that she'd settled in once she recognized a familiar teacher from last year. All her fears of being away from me all day seemed to have disappeared, when I checked in to see how she was doing midday. But my fears of her being totally exhausted and cranky at the end of a full day did come true. Growing up is hard to do, and sometimes hard to watch.


Grandma Lady said...

One of the joys? of motherhood watching your little girl go off to full day school.
Sometimes harder on mommies.

Schmoo and Beans Mom said...

Exciting days for Belly! I'm glad she settled in okay. Sorry to hear about the meltdown - one of the "joys" of all day school. Hugs to you both.