Sunday, July 25, 2010

A three province tour

I think I could pass for Maryanne, don't you?

Just sit right back 
And you'll hear a tale
A tale of a long car ride
That started out from Medicine Hat
About three weeks ago
The kids were keen and well behaved
The mother, brave and sure
Four passengers set off that day
For a three province tour
A three province tour

They first set out for Saskatoon
Headed east o'er prairie lands
If not the home of their very dear friends
They surely would have gone west
They surely would have gone west

That fearless mother of two
Was equipped with all the tricks
With colouring books
A snack bag too
and hot rod cars
Isla Belle
and Roscoe and mom
On a three province tour

They headed back to Al-ber-ta
And sadly said goodbyes
The daddy went back to his residency
And the others carried on

They then went north to Grandma's place:
A cabin and a lake
They roasted 'mallows and hotdogs too
And went walking on the trails

Next a trip to the Koot-en-ays
For a little homestyle fun
Plenty of days at the beach this time
The weather was just fine

Then back to Alberta for a family event
A brother would be wed
We raised our glasses to the newlyweds
And all had a really great time

Reunited with the daddy then
All together again
Our three province tour is nearly done
Cause we're back in Medicine Hat! 

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gladventurer said...

Marianne as in Guilligan's Island?????
You look even better!