Tuesday, July 20, 2010

DuPont sightings

My recent post about trolling the blogosphere for images of the daddy has spurred up some sympathy for this little family separated this month. Thanks to Carole for the Robin post. Carole is also on the ceramics scene at Medalta right now, and a mom, and a wife, and a fantastic blogger to boot! My commitment to regular posts has waned a bit since we arrived in Nelson. I must be on Kootenay time. 

The kids and I have been generating a bit of buzz around our own 'DuPont sightings' since we've arrived a week ago. We've made and enjoyed plenty of scheduled playdates with friends, and had just as many chance encounters down at the river, strolling through town and parked at the beach. You know when you feel at home when you can count on bumping into someone you know that always has time for an Oso Coffee. 

We've split our time between Nelson and the valley and are nearing double digits when it comes to trips to the beach. It is summertime after all. Here's a few images of our Kootenay peeps.  


twohig's said...

miss you cute friend!

Julie MacMillan said...

Looks like some great brain breaks going on....thinkin of ya!