Monday, July 26, 2010

Soda, no lime

We're back in the Hat, it's hot and we're running errands. Had to stock up on some groceries for the week, arrange to get the Jeep in for some badly needed new tires and ship off some pots to Montana for an exhibition that Robin was juried into. 

Our favorite potter made the poster for the Soda Salt National exhibition, with two entries selected for the show: the two tumblers and a teapot. The show is hosted by the Clay Studio of Missoula, an annual exhibition showcasing soda and salt fired ceramics from around the nation, and in this case....beyond. Opening reception is Aug 6th, if you happen to be in the area. 

Robin is thrilled to have some pieces in this show, as he's been on a real soda kick lately, doing lots of research in surface manipulation. He's glazing and prepping for a final soda firing this week which will wrap things up here at Medalta.  


The Unknown Potter said...

We have a Pottery Road here as well- named for Axel Ebring- BC's first production potter who lived here and made work from the local earthenware clay. There are pieces in the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa actually. Hoe you are doing well, don't know if we wil get out that way this summer

Adam Field said...

Congratulations, nice tumblers!
I was looking closely at the poster and noticed yet another DUNN pottery, they're everywhere you turn these days :D