Sunday, June 13, 2010

Uncle Jimmy

Another great aspect of hanging in the Hat this month is we get to spend some time with our pal, Jim Etzkorn. Robin first met Jim over a decade ago when at an early point in his career, he went looking for some more direct and practical training as a potter, so he mailed Jim a letter asking him whether he was interested in taking on an apprentice. Jim couldn't have turned out to be a better match,  and thus began a long and valued mentorship and friendship. 

Robin and Jim have stayed in touch all these years, but it's been nearly a decade since they've worked in the same studios together. Robin is stoked to work alongside Jim again, grateful to have learned all he did from Jim during his early years with clay. It's been great hanging out with the family too, as he's terrific with the kids and we've been out on the bike trails together with him on these warm and long summer evenings that have finally arrived. 

Jim recently moved to Medicine Hat to continue his long and devoted career in ceramics amongst a great and growing clay community. Jim has been a studio potter and educator for the past thirty years. He's also participated in numerous residencies at the Banff Center, the Archie Bray, Tokoname, Japan and now also a resident artist here at Medalta. Jim makes some really beautiful functional and decorative pottery and currently has a show up here in Medicine Hat at the Cultural Centre, "Simple Pleasures" up until June 27th. 

Here is a look at some of his recent pots. 

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