Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Don't blog about the weather

I'm resisting the urge to blog about the weather. I am Canadian after all and we all know how much we canucks love to talk about the weather. So instead I'm going to write about all the things we've been doing in spite of the weather - hmmmm.

Besides making great use of the aquatic center, public library and thrift stores here in the Hat, our favorite indoor location turns out to be just across the way from our abode! The Medalta museum and interpretive exhibitions are right across the courtyard from the MIAIR residence studios, and actually incorporate the actual 1912 pottery factory, now restored to include a working studio where replica ware is made daily. The museum is full of clay artifacts telling the story of this historic clay district, from the late 19th century brickyards, the industrial pottery giants of the early 1900s, to the modern brick plants and now the contemporary ceramic residencies. 

The kids and I often make the trek across the street to make up part of the audience to watch a pot or two be slipcast, dance amongst the old storage jars and early 20th century factory machinery, and cruise through the exhibits telling the historic past of the area. I love the history and the stories, they love the train and the underground tunnel. Then we usually traipse past the three beehive kilns sandwiched between the ceramic past and present worlds,  to check out what everyone is up to in their studios. 

No complaining about the weather here, there is plenty to do and see. 

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