Friday, June 11, 2010

Artists Talking

We're already well into week two of the residency here at Medalta. There's plenty of work to show for it with bisque ware covering tables, the glaze room buzzing and a salt firing already unloaded. Robin is loading the soda kiln tomorrow and has plans for a wood firing to follow shortly after. 

The group of residents have been hard at work, but there's been plenty of time for socializing and getting to know one another as well. A couple of evenings during this month have been set aside for the artists to give slide presentations of their work and studio practises. Robin gave his slide presentation last night to the group, plus some that came out from the community to hear his talk. The talks add yet another great element to the MIAIR program,  a chance to create dialogue and learn about others experiences in clay, some shared and some perhaps never considered. 

In their words, " At its core, the MIAIR residency program is about bringing artists together in an environment that promotes creativity through community. The residency concept creates an opportunity for ceramists - who, for the most part, work individually - to re-enter a community atmosphere and take part in a rejuvenating dialogue, while working with like-minded artists."
I know Robin feels really honored to have been asked to come as the featured artist, and is really excited to be part of a ceramic residency that is sure to become both nationally and internationally renown. 

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