Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tuckered out

That's what a busy weekend will do to you, tucker you out! And busy it was, but most enjoyable! Saturday afternoon we put our bike and trailer to good use and headed towards downtown Medicine Hat for the city's Spectrum Sunshine festival. There was plenty for the kids  - pony rides, petting zoo, ride on pedal tractors, music and all the right fair food! Medalta had their own booth set up, with throwing demonstrations and event/and site information. Robin took his turn at the wheel even for a couple hours in the afternoon. We stuck around for quite awhile, climbed all over the CP Train and a tank engine, listening to rock cover bands and eating cotton candy. The kids 'surprisingly' put up a fight when bedtime rolled around and we had to call it a night. But we coerced them with plans for the next day to look forward to. 

Sunday's events were even more enjoyable, when we took to the bikes and trailer again and rode the river trails all the way over to a brunch invite at Aaron Nelson's home. Aaron is the Art Director at Medalta and he and his family moved to Medicine Hat just over a year ago to take the position as Art Director with MIAIR (Medalta International Artists in Residence Program). Aaron and Liz put out an incredible spread of waffles, fruit and maple laced whipped cream. I could have stayed all day drinking coffee and hanging out in their living room watching the kids play together (they have a toddler as well) - that is my kind of Sunday. Many thanks to them for the delicious brunch - check out that stellar stack of waffles! 

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twohig's said...

I love it! What a perfect place to spend a summer month! I miss biking with you. hugs.
p.s. the chicken is gone. we talked to one of your neighbor boys and the chickens where THEIRS!