Monday, June 7, 2010

Home sweet home

Thought you might like to check out our digs here in the Hat. There is our handsome little bungalow sandwiched between an industrial greenhouse and some kind of feed or grain elevator, the only residence on Medalta Ave. With plenty of established trees growing up around the house, you'd guess this place has been around awhile. Well the interior decor certainly gives away the era this place had it's heyday...

Welcome to my kitchen!
It's all about the 70's baby. So retro, so cool. Except for maybe the kitchen carpeting - not so cool. But we're not complaining. We've got the best digs in the city, being a stone's throw away from the studios. We're literally directly across the street. And the mustard coloured appliances take me right back to my childhood. 

Seeing that I like to spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen, I thought tonight after the kids went to bed I'd whip up some cookies to stock the cookie jar. I figured it was due time, a week without any sweets in the house and already too much money spent on trips to the ice cream store -  a jar full of homemade cookies might curb that particular spending spree (and craving). 

My intent was genuine, but the process turned out to be more difficult than I anticipated. Ingredients were not the problem since I'd been to the grocery store this morning with all required items included on the list. What I had forgotten was that this house comes equipped with the bare essentials - a few plates, bowls, mugs, minimal cooking pots and utensils and a scattering of cutlery. It doesn't come with measuring cups and/or spoons, electric mixers, mixing bowls and or cookie pans. So this is how the process went...

First, cream butter and sugar with my hands until light and fluffy in saucepan.
Second, measure out approximate amounts of dry ingredients with my cupped hands and sift with fork in a deep frying pan. 
Third, mix two together with hands and add varying amounts of dry and wet ingredients until batter begins to resemble cookie dough. 
Fourth, grease up disposable roasting pan and form cookies into balls. 
Five, preheat oven (that has indiscernible dials) and wait 
Take a shower
Wait some more. 
Check oven dials since oven seems hotter on the outside than on the inside. 
Decide to put cookies in anyways. 
Spend next two hours baking cookies (that usually take 10 minutes to cook at 350) now require 25 minutes for each batch. 
Gorge on half baked cookies. 

So I suppose the oven is not entirely working as it once did in it's prime. Oh well, we may just have to stick to the ol' ice cream shoppe, either that or finally lose that last 10 lbs. 

Now, just have to figure out how I'm going to roast that chicken I bought. 

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Sunshine said...

Oh baking! I want to make banana bread but are there any loaf pans in my mom's kitchen.... Ahh the withdrawal of baking is slowly driving me mad! Looks like you all have been keeping busy! Miss you all!