Friday, June 4, 2010

The smell of a bbq

Nothing brings people together like a backyard bbq, and in tonight's case, a kilnyard bbq. We kicked off the end of the first week of the summer residency here at Medalta with a potluck, and the smell of the grill lured everyone out of their studio spaces. Robin and Candace cooked up some homemade burgers and the rest of the group pitched in with scrumptious salads and desserts. There was even wine and beer. Robin and I kept looking over our shoulders wondering when the liquor police would arrive, I suppose we've been in Utah too long. 

Tonight was a great opportunity to dine and visit with the other residents, especially for me since the kids had the run of the fenced in courtyard - equipped with ride on mowers and forklifts - they were as happy as could be. 

The bbq led right into the opening of the resident's work at the gallery onsite. I managed a quick tour through the space to check out the work before we made a quick exit and home for the bedtime routine. Tomorrow we're off to a festival.   

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