Friday, June 18, 2010

The Potter's children

As far as I can remember as a child, I had a very vague idea of what it was my father did for work, how he spent his daytime hours, for what purpose and with whom. It wasn't until much later as a young adult that I learned more about his job and the impact he made on so many in his daily doings. Our children, I believe, however won't quite feel that same disconnect since they live in a world of clay and pottery almost as much as he does. 

Isla in particular is at a wonderful age where her curiosity and social assertiveness make for a delightful trip to the studios. She happily checks in with several of the residents upon arriving, inquiring about their latest pieces and updating them on her activities of the day.  Both kids enjoy the time they get to hang out in daddy's studio, poking and pushing mounds of clay around and playing in the slurry bucket. 
I'm so grateful for everyone's patience and friendly approach to our visits to the studio. One of the residents, Luanne, a real gem even offered to babysit the kids last night so that Robin and I could go out on a rare date night. Roscoe couldn't believe his luck when he later discovered that Luanne makes these awesome sculptures of trucks and tractors! 

And tonight we potlucked again with the group, now a regular Friday event, and everyone seemed as happy to have them hanging around as they were to be included. Spending this month here at Medalta, I believe will leave a wonderful impression on our kids with the people they'll interact with, and the memories they'll have of this group of people working together, sharing stories and experience, and more importantly all the cool stuff that they'll watch appear magically out of lumps of mud!  

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The Unknown Potter said...

how great that is!- and lucky!
my girl Iza loves it when we melt blue marbles in her pots (and sell them at craft sales!)...I have some little beads to experiment with next stuff, alchemy!